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Lilly Endowment Offering Second Round of Funding Opportunities
to Strengthen Comprehensive School Counseling Efforts

INDIANAPOLIS - Through the Comprehensive Counseling Initiative for Indiana K-12 Students, Lilly Endowment is offering a second round of funding to help public school corporations and charter schools in Indiana improve and expand their counseling programs.

Public school corporations and charter schools that did not receive grants in the first round of implementation funding are eligible to apply in this second round. The Counseling Initiative is designed to encourage public school corporations and charter schools to develop and implement comprehensive counseling models that effectively address the academic, college, career, and social and emotional counseling needs of their students. Details about this funding are available in the Request for Proposals Counseling Initiative Round II.

Earlier this year, 254 school corporations and charter schools applied for grants in the first round. Because of this significant response, the process became quite competitive. After much deliberation, the Endowment approved implementation grants to 52 public school corporations and five charter schools. Many requests for implementation funding that were not approved proposed promising strategies. The Endowment, therefore, determined to offer a second competitive implementation grant round. Read the complete news release here.

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