Lilly Endowment views education at all levels as indispensable to personal, civic and economic success. It remains alarmed, therefore, about Indiana's ranking as one of the lowest states in the nation in the percentage of adults, age 25 and over, with a bachelor's degree. Accordingly, raising the educational attainment level of Indiana citizens has been the overriding objective of the Endowment's education grantmaking for the last several years.

In pursuit of this objective, the Endowment has supported research into the factors underlying this low ranking.  Although Indiana's rich agricultural and manufacturing heritage served it well for decades, its economy is now in transition and increasingly more affected by global economic forces.  More Indiana residents and communities must appreciate that higher educational attainment is now essential to foster the quality of life they desire.

Through its education grantmaking, the Endowment is interested in and supports a variety of programs and initiatives that enhance the quality of educational experiences for Indiana residents and help them find meaningful and rewarding employment in the state.  Its grants benefit a range of students, from those in K-12 schools and Indiana colleges and universities to adult students in community college settings.  It funds efforts to strengthen educational institutions and their educational and research programs, enhance the effectiveness and morale of Indiana teachers, provide resources for students to pay for college educations, expand college internship and placement programs, and engage community residents in supporting improvements in the quality of education.  For additional information about specific grants, please see the Endowment's press releases and annual reports under the Communications link. 

The Endowment is confident Indiana will meet its educational challenges because of the creativity, resourcefulness and spirit of its residents.  It is heartened by the educational common ground that is being built through connections among Indiana colleges and universities, their constituents, business organizations, community foundations, K-12 educational organizations, and other progressive programs and organizations in Indiana.

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