Phase 3

Pathways for Tomorrow Initiative



he third phase of the Pathways for Tomorrow Initiative is competitive. Each eligible ATS-accredited theological school may submit a concept paper for a large-scale project to develop a new and/or enhance a current collaborative endeavor that would 1) strengthen the educational and financial capacities of the collaborating institutions to prepare and support pastors and congregational lay ministers for the long term and 2) offer a compelling and sustainable strategy or model of theological education that, if successful, could be adopted by other schools. The Endowment anticipates inviting selected theological schools to develop their concepts and submit proposals for grants of up to $5 million to implement their collaborative endeavors. The Endowment has allocated $25 million to support the third phase of the initiative. Concept papers are due by November 1, 2021.

Please read the Request For Proposals for Phase 3 details and submission guidelines.

Other documents needed for submissions are the Exempt Status and Charity/Foundation Status Information Form and the Contact Information Form. Additional resource documents include the Appendix: Challenges and Opportunities and FAQ

Phase 3 Submission Form

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Pathways for Tomorrow Initiative Phase 3

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