Dec. 12, 2016
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Lilly Endowment Honors 100 Indiana Educators
With Teacher Creativity Fellowships


INDIANAPOLIS – They spend the school year inspiring their students to inquire, discover and grow. Next summer 100 of Indiana’s K-12 educators will have the chance to nurture their own curiosity and development through Lilly Endowment Teacher Creativity Fellowships.

Marking its 30th year in 2017, the Endowment’s Teacher Creativity Fellowship Program gives teachers, principals, guidance counselors and school media specialists and librarians the financial support and encouragement to renew their commitment to the education profession.

Each fellow will receive a $12,000 grant to support a project of personally and professionally fulfilling activities. These educators work in a variety of Indiana schools – traditional public schools, charter schools and private schools, both religiously affiliated and independent. Their schools are in urban communities, small towns, rural areas, midsized cities and suburban communities.

Many of the educators will use their fellowships to travel – across the United States and throughout the world – and to tap into interests as varied as cooking, artesian breadbaking and bee keeping to photography, archaeology, music composition and environmental conservation. They plan to explore national parks in the U.S. and Australia; bicycle through Germany; immerse themselves in diverse cultures across Asia; and research their family trees through writing projects.

“These dedicated teachers, principals, counselors and media specialists have designed inspirational projects that promise to strengthen them personally and professionally,” said Sara B. Cobb, the Endowment’s vice president for education. “For three decades now we at the Endowment have learned how important it is for educators to have time and space to create and explore. They have shared with us that they return to their schools with a greater commitment to their students and the vocation of education.”

Including the 2017 class, more than 2,900 Indiana educators have received grants since the Teacher Creativity Fellowship Program began in 1987. The Endowment selected the 2017 fellows from a competitive pool of more than 500 applicants. In addition to grants that support the renewal of educators, the Endowment funds programs that offer renewal grants to people working in the human service sector and in the arts in central Indiana and clergy who pastor churches in Indiana and across the nation.

$12,000 fellowship recipients
Note: Year in parentheses denotes year of previous Teacher Creativity fellowship grant.

Attica Consolidated School Corp.
Attica Junior/Senior High School
Rachel M. Swank – “Keep Calm and Carry On … to England!”—explore historical landmarks
in England; electronically document experiences; prepare video lectures
and digital lessons
North Lawrence Community Schools
Bedford North Lawrence High School
Maria Edwards – “Storytelling Through Music and Text”—study musical theatre at Tisch
School of the Arts at New York University; develop original story into
stage production
Archdiocese of Indianapolis
St. Charles Borromeo School (nonpublic)
Michelle K. Goetz – “What Would You Do for a Klondike Bar (of Gold)?”—follow footsteps of gold miners from San Francisco to the Klondike region of Alaska
The Project School (charter)
Cynthia A. Newland – “Passport Through the Pages: A Photographic Journey Through Children’s Literature”—travel to locations of favorite childhood books; photograph settings and self-publish a children’s book
John R. Searcy – “Plateau-ed No Longer: Using the Geology of the American Southwest to Uncover Buried Passions”—travel to Colorado Plateau; reflect on teaching experiences; renew passion for photography
Scott R. Wallace – “Home Is Where My Honey Is”—study, plan and build a honey bee yard; plant bee garden and add bee-friendly plants to vegetable garden
Monroe County Community School Corp.
The Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship
Ann M. Burke (2009) – “Aye-Ayes, Baobabs and Cheetahs”—travel to Namibia to visit the Namib
Desert, Etosha National Park and Cheetah Conservation Fund; study flora, fauna and biodiversity in Madagascar
Binford Elementary School
Matthew A. Wooden
“Nine-Year-Old Dreams: Digging for Dinosaurs”—prospect for fossil specimens in Montana, Nebraska and South Dakota; learn preservation techniques and display found fossils in fourth-grade classroom
Bloomington High School North
Alana H. Harrington – “Finding Myself While Adventuring Westward Exploring Our National Parks”—explore seven western national parks, monuments and recreation areas; incorporate locally grown organic food in diet; reestablish school’s nature trail
Jackson Creek Middle School
Joseph A. Donnelly – “Film Scoring Workshop; Recording and Performance Project”—attend summer workshop on film scoring at New York University; create, record and perform an original film score with 20-piece orchestra
MSD Bluffton-Harrison
Bluffton-Harrison Middle School
Tara N. Ulmer – “Soul Service: Exploring Southeast Asia With Purpose”—explore Thailand’s culture and history; volunteer at youth- and refugee-serving organizations in Thailand
Southwest School Corp.
Carlisle Elementary/Junior High School
Joni R. Weeks – “Pipe Organs of the Past and Present”—explore grand pipe organs in Germany and France; enhance playing skills
University High School of Indiana (nonpublic)
Kirsten J. Northenscold – “Breads of America”—study traditional baking techniques and heirloom grains; visit mills and attend classes at bakeries and institutes across the country
Carmel Clay Schools
Carmel High School
Mary L. Halfmann – “Wonderfully Welsh: A Writing Odyssey”—attend writing course in Wales; study family history in Wales and Scranton, Pennsylvania, where coal-mining maternal ancestors migrated
Mitchel A. Kane – “Baked Alaska: Frozen Inside, Baked Outside”—visit Alaska to explore the ice sheets; learn about climate change from resident educators and local citizens
Carmel Middle School
Matt N. Moller (2009) – “If Ezra Meeker* Could Do It, Why Can’t I?”—travel coast to coast via minivan, RV, Amtrak, airplane, riverboat, zipline, canoe, tram, hot air balloon, taxi, roller coasters and NASA launch simulator; apply lessons learned to physics curriculum that focuses on forces, motion, rockets, roller coasters and flight *early preservationist of the Oregon Trail
Mill Creek Community Schools
Cascade Middle School
David C. Winters – “A Moveable Feast”—retrace Ernest Hemingway’s daily routines and adventures in Paris as he wrote the book; revise and edit novel
Whitley County Consolidated Schools
Indian Springs Middle School
Mary E. Hilger (2007) – “The Power of Words…The Power of Images”—attend creative-writing workshop in Assisi, Italy; prepare manuscript incorporating personal writing and original art
Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp.
Central Middle School
Katherine R. Slabosky – “Advice From a Glacier”—visit Iceland and Glacier National Park to observe glaciers and geology; photograph unique geologic features
Columbus East High School
Derek C. Chastain – “Lost Among the Stars: Building a Telescope to Gaze Into Deep Space”—
construct a large reflecting telescope; host star parties for students
Crawfordsville Community School Corp.
Mollie B. Hoover Elementary School
Ann M. Stanley – “Connect – Create – Critique”—attend workshops in classical portrait
painting; paint portraits of 31 cousins scattered across the U.S.
Concord Community Schools
Concord East Side Elementary School
Jason E. Glashauser – “Polska, Polska, Polska!”—attend Summer Polish Language and Culture Program at Jagiellonian University in Krakow; explore wife’s ancestral history and culture
Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corp.
North High School
Denna S. Sharp – “ChemDine”—study the science behind modern cuisine and fine dining; interview professional chefs; use information in chemistry and physics classes
Hamilton Southeastern Schools
Cumberland Road Elementary School
David A. Greiwe – “Engineering My Way Through Germany…As Easy As Riding a Bike”— acquire skills of a bicycle mechanic; cycle through ancestral Germany; prepare bike-related STEM activities for classroom
Fall Creek Intermediate School
Leslie D. Johnson – “Exploring the American West”—travel to and through the American West; document through photography and video; prepare book that includes photographs, information and links to video, accessible from the book through a mobile device
Fishers High School
Darcy E. Banitt – “America the Beautiful by Bike”—bicycle the U.S. from coast to coast; enhance landscape and wildlife photography skills
Sand Creek Intermediate School
Heather L. Butz – “Minecrafting History”—explore medieval castles in central Europe; create Minecraft-based unit for students to design their own castles and surrounding towns
New Albany – Floyd County Consolidated School
Floyd Central High School
Angela V. Hampton – “When It’s Baroque, Fix It! Celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation” investigate parallel journeys of Martin Luther and Johann Sebastian Bach, although 200 years separated them; study choral music from 17th and 18th century Europe
Fort Wayne Community Schools
Northrup High School
Benjamin M. Caywood – “Chasing the Wind and Spreading the Joy”—enroll in kiteboarding programs and lessons in North Carolina and Michigan; compete in regional contests and races; attend a professional kiteboarding event in Hood River, OR
R. Nelson Snider High School
Lori S. Heiges (2009) – “Beyond Books: A Journey Into the Libraries of Australia and New Zealand”—visit public and school libraries in Australia and New Zealand to increase library usage in school
Southwest Allen County School Corp.
Homestead High School
Angela G. Bailey (2003) – “Reunion and Rebirth in Barcelona”—live in Barcelona for the summer; reunite with family that hosted her for a year while a student at Manchester College; use experiences to enhance curriculum
Goshen Community Schools
Goshen High School
Andrew J. Brubaker – “The Mountains Have a Story, But We Must Journey to Find It”—travel
by mountain bike across 540-mile Colorado Trail; volunteer with Colorado Trail Foundation to maintain part of the trail; record experience through photography and videography
Greenfield-Central Community Schools
Harris Elementary School
Allison L. Morgan – “Picture This: A Social Worker Exploring the Land Down Under”— develop photography skills; attend conferences to learn methods of incorporating art into counseling; explore and photograph Australia and New Zealand; integrate art counseling into work with children
Archdiocese of Indianapolis
Our Lady of the Greenwood School (nonpublic)
Julie A. Perigo – “Byzantine Iconography: Exploring Sacred Art and Spirituality in the Eastern Christian Tradition”—study with master iconographer Charles Rohrbacher in Juneau, AK
Center Grove Community School Corp.
Center Grove High School
Shiela K. Bickley – “The Beast in the Garden: Seeking a Balance Between Man and Wildlife in Wild Places”—study the intersection between wildlife and people in Alaskan cities, commercial settings, state and national parks, and wilderness
William R. Cullom (2009) – “A Walkabout the National Parks of Australia”—camp and hike in Australia’s national parks; photograph flora and fauna
Center Grove Middle School
Michael S. Bolla – “Teaching, Composing and Observing Music Throughout Europe”— experience musical culture, landscape, history and beauty of Ireland, The Netherlands and Italy; create a multimedia presentation and compose a musical soundtrack
Blackford County Schools
Blackford Junior High School
Matthew E. Allen (2007) – “My Original Thirteen Colonies: Their Death and Proposed Resurrection”—study backyard beekeeping; improve local honeybee genetics by raising queens from several strains
Herron High School (charter)
Austin E. Flynn – “Words in Action: Chasing the Muse Across the Emerald Isle”— participate in writing retreats, tours and research in Ireland; draft and edit a full-length novel inspired by Irish folklore
Indiana Connections Academy (charter)
Jennifer A. Hudspeth (2006) – “Ecosystems Through the Eyes of an Artist”—rekindle passion for drawing and painting nature scenes and wildlife by attending art classes locally and at the Yosemite Art Center; visit five Indiana state parks to sketch and photograph wildlife and ecosystems unique to each park; create on paper and canvas 10 pieces of artwork based on state parks
Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Margiy M. Outten – “Building a Bridge From Indiana to India”—visit schools and organizations that work with the blind in New Delhi, Kolkata and Hyderabad, India
International School of Indiana (nonpublic)
Jack H. McLoughlin – “Reconnecting With a Past Life: A Return to Asia”—visit Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau; observe cultures and enhance conversational skills in Mandarin
Park Tudor School (nonpublic)
Conception Marin (2009) – “66 Degrees North of Summer: A Knitting-Literary Trek Through Iceland”—trek, read and knit in Iceland; study Iceland’s people and culture
Franklin Township Community School Corp.
Arlington Elementary School
James B. Preddy – “The Long Way Round”—travel by motorcycle through Ireland and
Scotland to explore family heritage; enroll in Celtic language class; make a kilt
Indianapolis Public Schools
Center for Inquiry #84
Aaron J. Munson – “Studying Ukulele, Slack-Key Guitar and Orff-Schulwerk”—enroll in ukulele and slack-key guitar lesson in Honolulu; attend Orff Level 2 workshop at Anderson University Department of Online Learning
Alex J. Bienz – “Oceans”—explore the Arctic, Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans; collect water samples from each; analyze with a biology teacher microorganisms, ocean density, hue and more; prepare classroom display of samples
George Washington Carver No. 87
Tawn Spicklemire – “Discovering My Daughter’s Maya Roots in Guatemala”—explore history, archaeology, folkways, language and beauty of daughter’s ancestral land; learn Spanish from native speakers
Larue Carter Satellite School
Simone T. Hamel-Smith – “In the Footsteps of Heloise: A Journey to the Middle Ages”—study the life of Heloise d’Argenteuil Abelard in Great Britain and France; practice French language skills
MSD Lawrence Township
Brook Park Elementary School
Renee A. Erler – “I Will Survive!”—train for and participate in wilderness survival classes and experiences in Virginia, Utah and the Grand Canyon; journal, sketch and photograph experiences; write a wilderness survival book for children
Lawrence North High School
Sylvania N. Hernandez – “My Spanish Salvation: My Quest to Share My Hispanic Heritage”—take Spanish classes and live with host families in Guatemala and Spain
MSD Pike Township
College Park Elementary School
Margaret B. Mullin – “Language is the Heart of Community”—enroll in Spanish immersion program in Costa Rica; explore local agricultural, cultural, cooking and craft traditions
Guion Creek Middle School
Amy L. Kamwendo – “I Bless the Rains Down in Africa”—volunteer with the Performing Arts Abroad Program; work with children in South Africa and Malawi to develop themselves through music
Pike High School (Freshman Center)
Leal Smith – “Rebel Without a Pause”—attend classes at the American Black Film Festival in Miami and the Vancouver Film School; produce a short film that explores the need for and benefits of education
Pike High School
Mave L. Davis – “Discovering Honduras: Experiencing Community and Culture”— volunteer and teach in orphanage in La Ceiba, Honduras
DuBoris Dickerson – “Make It, Take It, Use It: Exploring the Boundary Waters in the Folk School Tradition”—build a kayak at the North House Folk School; take classes at the Ely Folk School on water safety, packing, portaging, and emergency prevention and management; canoe the Boundary Waters and
camp in the wilderness
MSD Warren Township
The Renaissance School
Amanda D. Holzhausen – “Chasing the Ghost of a Widow”—explore grandmother’s history in rural West Virginia; write grandmother’s life story
Warren Central High School
Gerald A. Maillet – “Build, Pedal, Repair, Repeat”—learn bicycle mechanics and build a road bike; ride from Dayton, OH to the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kitty Hawk, NC
MSD Washington Township
Fox Hill Elementary School
Carol Pierobon Hofer – “A Real Ice-Breaker: An Up-Close-and-Personal Introduction to the Warm Weather Penguins of South Africa”—monitor and survey endangered South African penguin species on Robben Island
Greenbriar Elementary School
Amanda M. Hassen – “Returning to the Heart”—return to Ethiopia where teacher volunteered during college and decided to become a teacher for at-risk and international students
J. Everett Light Career Center
Caroline E. Scott – “Exposing the Soul of British Gardens”—explore and photograph gardens in Northern Ireland, England and Scotland; create functioning gardens at home and at school
MSD Wayne Township
Ben Davis Ninth Grade Center
Kathryn M. Winsor – “Inspiring Awareness and Bringing Adventure Home: Nearpod Virtual Field Trips” –explore state and national parks; capture photographs while hiking, biking and snorkeling; create interactive virtual field trips for students
Rhoades Elementary School
Molly C. Mote – “Vincent Van Gogh’s Trek”—follow Van Gogh’s path through The Netherlands, Belgium and France; sketch and paint
Greater Clark County Schools
Jeffersonville High School
Mark W. Reilly (2005) – “Creepy Crawlies 101”—travel Highway 101 from San Diego to Seattle in search of butterflies and other six-legged creatures; study insects in the Chaparral biome in southern California and the temperate rainforest in Oregon and Washington
East Noble School Corp.
East Noble High School
Aaron Edwards – “Mathematics, Art and Architecture in Central Asia”—travel to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan to photograph geometric art; investigate Muslim contributions to mathematics; create video and unit for use in
geometry classes
Bryan M. Munoz – “Walking in Mozart’s Footsteps”—visit Mozart landmarks and museums of music history; attend performances; create interactive videos including interviews with Mozart historians
South Newton School Corp.
South Newton Middle School
Tansey L. Mulligan (principal) – “SerendipiTEA”—follow tea trails in London; study history, social significance and etiquette associated with British afternoon tea
Northwestern School Corp.
Northwestern High School
Stephen A. Wilson (2008) – “The Enigmatic Kaleidoscope: What You See is Not Always What You Get!”–venture into India on ancestral quest to understand how East Indians migrated to the Caribbean
East Porter County School Corp.
Diana R. Gill – “Opa’s Accordion”—study accordion history in Germany, Czech Republic and Wisconsin; enroll in accordion lessons; start an open-mic program for students
Union County College Corner Joint School District
Union County High School
Connie S. Rosenberger (principal) – “Seeing Clearly Through Fused Glass”—enhance skills in creating fusedglass art; complete a fused-glass project to hang in office at school
Logansport Community School Corp.
Landis Elementary School
Connie S. Peattie – “Finding My Way by Rail: Festivals, Farmers’ Markets, Fitting In”— travel by train to experience cultures in other regions of the country to better understand needs of English learner students
Logansport High School
Melanie M. Lang – “Pieces of History: Creating a Holocaust Remembrance Quilt”—travel to Auschwitz and other Holocaust sites; attend course at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City and visit several Holocaust-related museums; create quilt using fabric procured and signed at trip locations
MSD Martinville
John R. Wooden Middle School
Christine E. Long – “Shag Carpet Classroom”—experience Italy’s opera houses, architecture, paintings and sculpture as learned from her mother’s art books on her living room floor as a child; photograph, sketch and blog through the journey
Eastbrook Community Schools
Eastbrook High School
Doris and Stuart Goble – “The Locavore Bucket List”—visit historically significant places in Europe to experience culture through food; take cooking courses in Paris, Normandy, Tuscany and Barcelona
Mooresville Consolidated School Corp.
Northwood Elementary School
Jonathan W. Nall – “Biking Across Cuba”—bicycle from Havana to Santiago; stay with host families and interact with citizens in small towns, villages and cities; study music, culture and dance
Muncie Community Schools
East Washington Academy
Jacquelyn S. Vegh – “Oregon Mountain Challenge”—complete endurance hikes in Oregon’s Cascade Mountains; summit Mt. Scott in Crater Lake National Park
New Prairie United School Corp.
New Prairie Middle School
Susan G. French – “An American in Paris: Arrondissement par Arrondissement”—investigate the 20 neighborhoods (arrondissements) in Paris; create snapshots of daily life
Peru Community Schools
Peru Junior High School
Tricia L. Sederholm – “Learning Spanish With a Side of Evolution”—study Spanish in Indiana and Ecuador; explore the Galapagos Islands
Plainfield Community Schools
Brentwood Elementary School
Michael J. Fritch – “Dream Big, Build Tiny: My Tiny House Adventure”—build a tiny house; write a children’s book about the experience; read book to students at school
Plymouth Community School Corp.
Plymouth High School
Rebecca J. Ippel – “Hardwood and Hammers: Building Music Two Ways”—visit a smallscale hammered dulcimer builder and a larger artisan company; build a hammered dulcimer; take lessons, participate in jam sessions and attend a hammered dulcimer festival
Jay County School Corp.
Jay County High School
Brittany D. Kloer – “Aloha Indiana, Aloha Hawaii”—explore Hawaiian culture, agriculture, resources and conservation efforts
North Gibson School Corp.
Princeton Community Intermediate School
James D. McClary (principal) – “Walking in the Footsteps of My Kenyan Friend”—retrace friend’s journey from rural Kenyan village to his position at a Kenyan university; explore Kenya’s natural wonders
Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend
Saint John the Baptist Catholic School (nonpublic)
Michele R. Weldy – “Stories of the Civil War: The Unforgettable Tales of Six Regiments”— research 6th Indiana, 7th Louisiana, 99th Pennsylvania, 18th North Carolina, 19th Indiana and 22nd Alabama regiments; visit key battlefields, camps and museums; write short stories of historical fiction
South Bend Community Schools
McKinley Primary Center
Elizabeth A. Byrum – “One Green Planet: Celebrating a Passion for Ocean Wildlife”—explore marine wildlife at aquariums in Cincinnati, Chicago and Atlanta; spend extended time in and around Monterey Bay, CA
Vigo County School Corp.
Fayette and Rio Grande Elementary Schools; West Vigo Middle School
Patricia L. Curley – “Family Ties the ‘Write’ Way”—connect with family history in Ireland and Italy; attend All Write Summer Institute in Warsaw, IN
Fuqua Elementary School
Brenda R. Marina (see also Riley Elementary School) – “Amazing Pandas”—volunteer at Chengdu and Dujiangyan panda reserves in China; visit National (Washington, D.C.) and San Diego zoos; create virtual field trips for students
Riley Elementary School
Kristen L. Wells (see also Fuqua Elementary School) – “Amazing Pandas”—volunteer at Chengdu and Dujiangyan panda reserves in China; visit National (Washington, D.C.) and San Diego zoos; create virtual field trips for students
Riley and Ben Franklin Elementary Schools
Jana G. Weeks – “Weeks in the Life of Three Masters”—explore Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera in Mexico City; travel to Yosemite National Park to visit Ansel Adams’ gallery; participate in workshops, painting classes and
photography lessons
Western Boone County Community School Corp.
Western Boone Junior/Senior High School
Rachael L. Cotteleer – “Paws-itively Powerful! Exploring Human-Animal Connections”— investigate in the United States, Canada and Africa the therapeutic impact of animals on people; study applications for special-needs classroom
Westview School Corp.
Westview Jr./Sr. High School
Karen Yoder (2006) – “Arabic: Learning the Language, Living the Culture, Loving the Experience”—enroll in Arabic and Spanish language classes in Granada, Spain; enrich knowledge of the Moorish impact on medieval Spain
Randolph Eastern School Corp.
Union City Junior-Senior High School
John A. Zakelj (2004) – “Reconnecting With My Family History”—travel to Slovenia to follow parents’ paths as war refugees in the late 1940s; visit sites of refugee camps in Italy and Austria; record oral histories of the journey
Valparaiso Community Schools
Flint Lake Elementary School
Erin K. Blumenthal – “Aloha and Namaste: An Anxious Yogi’s Journey to Peace and Mindfulness”—enroll in yoga teacher training in Hawaii and Chicago; use yoga in classroom to reduce anxiety and behavior issues
South Ripley Community School Corp.
South Ripley High School
Max J. Howard – “A Hoosier Among the Kiwis”—experience ecosystems and biodiversity in the Ohio River Valley, waters of Lake Erie and New Zealand
Warsaw Community Schools
Washington and Claypool Elementary Schools
Andrea G. Miller – “Making Place”—restore and travel in a vintage camper; use camper as a mobile studio for printmaking and metalsmithing (and more); collect fabrics and assemble a quilt to document experience
Washington Community Schools
Washington High School
Elizabeth V. Schaffer (2009) – “Renewing With Renewable Geothermal Energy”—study geothermal
energy in Iceland; explore feasibility of increasing geothermal energy use in Indiana
Diocese of Lafayette
St. Maria Goretti School (nonpublic)
Jane A. Richardt – “Bringing Bach and Beethoven to Life”—travel to Leipzig, Salzburg and Vienna; perform with First Coast Wind Symphony and Indy Winds Flute Choir; attend Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival and Vienna Orchestra workshops and concerts
Westfield Washington Schools
Westfield High School
Lindsay H. Frey – “Capturing the Cape in Chalk”—attend chalk pastel workshops; create drawings while traveling through Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket
Christine J. Ulsas – “Animals of Australia”—volunteer at animal conservation and rehabilitation projects in Brisbane and Cairns, Australia
Clark Pleasant Community School Corp.
Whiteland Community High School
Emily M. Litsey – “Books: They’re Not Just for Reading Anymore!”—explore altered book (a book that has been modified or manipulated by an artist) and mixed media techniques in California and Italy
Zionsville Community Schools
Zionsville Community High School
Diann Vernon (2006) – “Voluntourism—Dive Into Your Dreams; Leave Behind Your Legacy”— learn to scuba dive; explore 126-mile coral reef off the Florida Keys and volunteer in local organizations; start a volunteer/community service organization at school

Lilly Endowment Inc. is a national, private philanthropic foundation created in 1937 by three members of the Lilly family — J.K. Lilly Sr. and sons J.K. Jr. and Eli — through gifts of stock in their pharmaceutical business, Eli Lilly and Company. While those gifts remain the financial bedrock of the Endowment, the Endowment is a separate entity from the company, with a distinct governing board, staff and location. In keeping with the founders’ wishes, the Endowment supports the causes of community development, education and religion and maintains a special commitment to its hometown, Indianapolis, and home state, Indiana.