Working to strengthen and support the efforts of community foundations and United Ways, and by encouraging and funding select strategic collaborations, we aim to enhance the quality of life and future prosperity of Indiana’s communities and all of the state’s residents. Recognizing the diversity of our state’s people and their range of needs, we encourage local communities to identify and prioritize the issues that matter most by seeking input from a broad range of community residents. Then, through various initiatives, we help support strategies they develop to address these challenges. We also support statewide organizations that enhance the cultural life and promote thoughtful civic engagement. This support includes grants to Indiana Humanities, including one that helped libraries around the state improve and expand their collections of books, videos and other texts that inform patrons about racial equity and inclusion. Grants to the Indiana Historical Society have funded its efforts to share multicultural collections statewide and its work with history groups in local communities across the state to help them develop their programs. We also support Indiana Public Broadcasting Stations’ statewide journalism collaboration.

Related Grants

Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow (GIFT) is a series of statewide initiatives and programs that began in 1990 to help establish and strengthen community foundations in Indiana and build their capacity to support the needs of their local communities. GIFT has helped community foundations build unrestricted endowments and fund special projects and has inspired others to give through challenge grants. GIFT also has encouraged community foundations to develop the leadership capacity so they can better understand and address the needs and aspirations of all the residents of their counties. When GIFT began there were fewer than 12 community foundations in Indiana and the total value of the assets of those foundations, excluding the assets of the longstanding Indianapolis Foundation, was $30 million. Today there are community foundations serving each of Indiana’s 92 counties. The total value of the assets of the Indiana community foundations that have regularly participated in GIFT is approximately $3.5 billion at the end of 2020. To help improve their effectiveness and impact, we regularly fund the Indiana Philanthropy Alliance Foundation to provide technical assistance, professional development and other educational opportunities to Indiana community foundation staffs and board members. The seventh phase of the initiative, GIFT VII, was completed in December 2020.  LEARN MORE

Indiana United Ways, with regular support from the Endowment, provides technical assistance, training and matching grants for the United Way system across Indiana. It supports the local initiatives and helps build the capacity of its network of more than 50 United Ways, several of which serve multiple counties. Indiana United Way’s network reaches into all of Indiana’s 92 counties. LEARN MORE

Central Indiana Corporate Partnership Foundation supports the charitable and educational efforts of the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership (CICP). Formed in 1999, CICP brings together chief executives of central Indiana’s prominent corporations, private foundations and universities in a strategic collaboration dedicated to advancing the region’s continued prosperity and growth. Through grants made to the CICP Foundation, we support the charitable, educational and scientific activities of several initiatives focused on life sciences, advanced manufacturing and logistics, information technology and agrosciences. Brookings Institution scholars in their 2018 book “The New Localism: How Cities Thrive In the Age of Populism” recognized CICP as a global model for its collaborative leadership across key sectors to support regional growth. Most of  our grants to the CICP Foundation help CICP initiatives build capacity and develop and retain the next generation of talented workers in these diverse employment sectors. LEARN MORE

Strategic Community Advancement Initiatives

We support, on an invitational basis, regional strategic initiatives in Indiana that build on the work of community foundations, educational institutions, business organizations and other local and regional community organizations and partnerships to plan for and foster greater local and regional prosperity. Our community development and education divisions collaborate on these initiatives to better connect and build on distinctive regional assets in ways that increase opportunity and economic impact in the regions. These initiatives are helping communities align education and job training with employer needs and make their communities and regions more attractive places to live and invest.  LEARN MORE