We seek to help American Christians live their faith fully and well through grants that support the exploration of compelling questions facing Christian congregations. How can Christians draw more fully on the wisdom of scriptural and theological traditions to understand and respond to contemporary challenges? How can Christian faith be nurtured throughout life and passed to new generations? How are pastors, theologians and others responding to the influence of rapid cultural change on all aspects of life, including faith?

Related Initiatives

Young Adult Initiative supports the establishment of innovation hubs at 12 colleges, universities and seminaries around the nation to help congregations design and launch new ministries with young adults, ages 23 to 29. The organizations are located in 10 states and the District of Columbia and reflect diverse Christian traditions: Mainline Protestant, evangelical and historic African American denominations, as well as Roman Catholic, Orthodox and independent congregations.

Strengthening Ministries With Youth Initiative helps congregations and other youth ministry organizations design and test new models for ministries with middle and high school youth, ages 12 to 18. The grantees are exploring new models for nurturing the religious lives of middle and high school youth that push beyond the youth fellowship group model and are attentive to the changing experiences of young people today.

Called to Lives of Meaning and Purpose Initiative is helping religious organizations work with congregations in launching ministries that help Christians discover and claim how God is calling them to lead lives of meaning and purpose. The aim of this initiative is twofold: to deepen and enrich the lives of Christians by equipping them to discern and live out their callings and to enhance the vitality of congregations by developing new ministry models for inspiring and supporting the Christian callings of their members. Learn More

Related Projects

The Collegeville Seminars on Vocation is a collaborative initiative involving theologians and scholars from multiple disciplines, pastors and religious leaders, and Christian lay people who are leaders in their professional fields. The project seeks to deepen reflection on the Christian concept of vocation and produce resources for congregations and other audiences to help Christians explore how God calls them to live out their faith through their work, families and communities. Learn More

National Study of Youth and Religion at the University of Notre Dame is a national longitudinal research project on the religious beliefs, affiliations and practices of American youth and young adults. Initiated in 2001, the research project has been producing groundbreaking research that has generated new insights into the religious lives of American adolescents and young adults. Learn More

The Project on Lived Theology seeks to clarify the interconnection of theology and lived experience so that theologians, students, pastors and civic leaders can learn with and from one another. This project is designed to encourage theologians and other influential scholars to connect their research and writing directly with the everyday experiences of Christians and produce resources that integrate the wisdom of the Christian tradition with the questions and struggles faced daily in congregations and other religious communities. Learn More