Open Initiatives


Below is a list of Lilly Endowment initiatives open to eligible organizations that support work within one of the Endowment’s three main areas of focus: community development, religion and education and youth.

Please review the specific eligibility requirements for each initiative to determine if your organization is able to apply. For any questions, please email the distinct address coordinating with each initiative found on the last page of the Request for Proposals.

Open Initiatives

Teacher Creativity Fellowship Program:  Through the 2025 Teacher Creativity Fellowship Program, the Endowment is inviting all eligible K-12 educators throughout Indiana to submit proposals that include activities that are intellectually enriching and personally renewing and that provide opportunities for exploration and fulfillment that would otherwise not be possible. Learn more

GIFT VIII:  Through the eighth round of its Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow, Lilly Endowment is offering community foundations three funding opportunities to 1) grow their financial resources to promote long-term viability and sustainability; 2) further strengthen their leadership capabilities; and 3) develop and implement strategic programs, projects and initiatives that enhance their communities’ quality of life. Learn more