Open Initiatives


Below is a list of Lilly Endowment initiatives open to eligible organizations that support work within one of the Endowment’s three main areas of focus: community development, religion and education and youth.

Please review the specific eligibility requirements for each initiative to determine if your organization is able to apply. For any questions, please email the distinct address coordinating with each initiative found on the last page of the Request for Proposals.

Open Initiatives

Teacher Creativity Fellowship Program: Through the Teacher Creativity Fellowship Program, Lilly Endowment invites Indiana’s K-12 teachers, principals, assistant principals, librarians/media specialists, guidance counselors and social workers to dream big and create renewal experiences that will strengthen their commitment to education. Proposals are due by September 11, 2023. LEARN MORE

College and Community Collaboration: Through College and Community Collaboration, Lilly Endowment is offering interested Indiana colleges and universities the opportunity to apply for grants to help them envision and undertake collaborative projects with community stakeholders that enhance the quality of life and place in their surrounding communities. Learn More

Thriving Congregations Initiative 2023:  Through the Thriving Congregations Initiative, Lilly Endowment seeks to help congregations thrive by strengthening ministries that help people deepen their relationships with God, enhance their connections with each other, and contribute to the flourishing of their communities and the world. Proposals are due by June 23, 2023. LEARN MORE