We believe that vibrant congregations enrich the lives of their members and those they serve through mission outreach in their communities and throughout the world.  We, therefore, support efforts to enhance the vitality of congregations and address the most pressing challenges facing them. In so doing, we focus on questions such as the following:

What makes Christian congregations vibrant, effective communities of faith? How can congregations be renewed and strengthened in the face of contemporary social change? How can congregational leadership become stronger and more sustainable? How can practices for promoting congregational vitality be shared among diverse congregations?

Related Grants

Center for Congregations strives to support congregations across Indiana by connecting them with effective resources to help pastors and other church leaders define and understand more clearly the challenges facing their faith communities, find the best resources to address them and learn practical ways to put those resources to use. In addition, the Center’s Congregational Resource Guide provides valuable online information to congregations nationwide.  Learn More

Calvin Institute of Christian Worship at Calvin College helps congregations across the nation grow stronger by providing high-quality resources, including conferences and worship renewal grants for pastors, church musicians and worship leaders. In addition, the Calvin Institute helps theologians and other scholars reflect on and understand more fully the importance of worship in Christian life. Learn More

The National Fund for Sacred Places provides planning grants, capital grants, consulting services and training to Christian congregations that have buildings that are valued for their architectural, cultural, historical and religious significance. The goal of the project is to help congregations restore their structures and create partnerships with ministries and other nonprofit organizations in their communities so that these historic churches can continue to be assets in those communities. The National Fund for Sacred Places is a partnership between the National Trust for Historic Preservation and Partners for Sacred Places. Learn More